emTopolizer2 Softimage ICE Addon (v.2.400)
Compatibility:Softimage 2012, Softimage 2013, Softimage 2014, Softimage 2015
License Model:Freeware, requires no license manager.

The above video "emTopolizer2 Experiments" was made by Tim Borgmann during the last week of November 2013.
Being between two projects, Tim had a few free days during which he found time to play around with emTopolizer2 and its new "particles to geometry" features.

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emTopolizer2 is a Softimage ICE plugin for creating, accessing, manipulating and converting geometry within ICE.

Some Features

  • Conversion of point clouds into polygonal geometry
    Powerful and robust tools to convert point clouds (particles and strands) into polygon meshes with UVs, normals, motion vectors and vertex colors. The resulting meshes can be exported as polygon mesh sequences, e.g. for other 3D applications.
  • Particle Cache File Reader/Writer/Converter
    Tools to read and write particle cache files such as .bgeo (Houdini), .bin (RealFlow), .ptc (RenderMan) and many more.
  • high speed geometry caching
    Reads and writes polygon meshes via a single ICE compound preset or via the "Geometry Reader/Writer" operators.
    Currently supported formats:
    • .mzd (native format, compatible with emPoylgonizer v.4).
    • .emp2 (native format, compatible with Softimage's built-in Polygonizer and version 2, 3 and 4 of emPoylgonizer).
    • .obj (Wavefront's ASCII format, compatible with all 3D packages).
    • .bin (RealFlow's binary geometry format, compatible with Maya and 3ds Max).
  • High performance polygonizer within ICE
    The brand new multithreaded meshing core with a new memory management (ridiculously small memory usage whatever you are meshing). Its many features such as "Denoise", "Liquid Shaper" and "Flicker free Normal Vectors" make this polygonizer a true 'meshing machine' that will help you get through any heavy meshing jobs you might encounter.
  • UVW Engineer
    A highly versatile texture coordinate creation tool designed to create UVs for geometry sequences with changing topology, typically meshed liquid simulations coming either directly from polygonizer or from a cached geometry file sequence (e.g. RealFlow meshes).
  • Vertex Islands / Polygon Islands
    Access to vertex/polygon island data in linear time. Combine this with the "Vertex Island" tool of the freeware addon emTools to animate and control vertex islands via an ordinary point cloud.
  • Thickenizer
    Apply some thickness to a polygon mesh, no matter how heavy.
  • Roads
    Create road polygon meshes based on a set of input curves.
  • Shatterizer
    Disconnect and extrude the polygons whilst preserving the UVs, normals and vertex colors.
  • Many further little high speed goodies
    Fix non-manifold edges, quadrangule, apply a special liquid mesh smoothing, sort vertices and polygons, blur normals, blur UVs, blur colors, close holes in a mesh, etc.

Video Tutorials

Particle Cache File Tools
The new "Particle Cache File" tools.
New Polygonizer Preset
The new "Polygonizer" preset and the new Polygonizer Core.
ICE Data from IR
The new feature "Create ICE Data from internal Representation".

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