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emPolygonizer4 Addon / Plugin / Extension / Standalone (v.4.300)
Compatibility:Maya 2012, Maya 2013, Maya 2014, Softimage 2012, Softimage 2013, Softimage 2014, Softimage 2015
License Model:Floating, uses the the Reprise License Manager (RLM)

Price per Seat: 199 Euros.

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emPolygonizer4 is a custom operator that allows you to create what is typically called metaballs.
The underlying technique used by this plug-in is called polygonizing a scalar field or marching cubes.

Marching cubes was invented in the mid-eighties by Lorensen and Cline, primary for the visualization of MRI data.

Numerous enhancements and self-developed features make this mesher go beyond the classic marching cube tool:
liquid filaments, motion plotting, vertex colors, texture coordinates (UVWs), multithreaded octree, fast smoothing techniques and the ability to use nulls, curves, polygon meshes and point cloud simultaneously as inputs make it a versatile tool for creating meshes.

The plugin consists of an Addon that contains a "DLL" file (Windows) or "so" file (Linux) for the custom operator (compiled C++ code for 64 bit versions of Softimage). Additionally, there are many VBScripts for the custom properties, some custom commands, etc.

This plugin follows the Softimage "workflow policy" and its usage is as easy and straight forward as any other of the tools contained in Softimage.

Some Features

  • Multithreaded meshing and improved overall meshing performance.
  • Multithreaded octree.
  • The motion vectors, the UVWs, the user normals and the vertex colors are now available as ICE data instead of clusters and cluster properties => more flexibility and better performance.
  • Liquid filaments.
  • Motion plotting.
  • Texture coordinates (UVWs).
  • Advanced mesh smoothing.
  • Support of RealFlow .bin file format.
  • Enhanced workflow for large setups.
  • Handles millions of input points and creates polygon meshes with millions of polygons without problems.
  • Support of multiple custom properties per input object.
  • Capability of meshing a single point cloud with several emPolygonizer4 operators.
  • Direct memory-to-memory meshing of the internal emFluid4 3D grids.

Video Tutorials

emPolygonizer4 for Maya
Short walk through the first Mootzoid plugin for Maya.
ICE Data from IR
The new feature "Create ICE Data from internal Representation".
The Polygonizer Jungle
Some comments regarding all the different polygonizers (Polygonizer, emPolygonizer, emTopolizer).
Deformation motion blur with MR and SItoA + Arnold
How to render correct deformation motion blur with Mental Ray and Solid Angle's SItoA + Arnold.
Walk Through New Stuff
A quick look at the new features in emPolygonizer4, for example the new UVW feature.
Level of Detail, Meshing a Point Cloud
How to properly mesh a point cloud.

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