Order Plugins

To order plugins simply fill out the form below and submit it.
We will then personally check and confirm your order and get back to you for the payment.


  • Where do I find the price list?
    It is here: go to price list.

  • What's the MAC address? Where do I find it?
    Information can be found on the left: click on "Information" then on "Ethernet/MAC Address".

  • I only need to upgrade a plugin. How do I do that?
    Fill out the form below, add the plugin(s) you want to upgrade and add the word "Upgrade" in the "Comment" section. If you have any question you can also contact us directly.

  • How do I order a bundle?
    We keep track of the amount of licenses you have already purchased (or are about to purchase) and always make sure that you automatically benefit from any available bundle.

  • What is my current license status?
    If you don't remember what licenses you already have then simply contact us and we will tell you what your current license status looks like.

  • Are there any educational licenses?
    Yes, we have special offers for students and schools of 3D. Please contact us directly.

  • I am confused / I have a question.
    No worries! Just contact us directly.