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This plugin is an experimental mesher that creates polygon meshes based on simply input meshes and a few 'growth' rules. Furthermore the growing direction can be controled by so-called 'goals'.

On the emTree web page you can:

  • download the this plugin.
  • download demo and tutorial scenes.

For more information on how to use this plugin please take a look at the emTree video tutorials and at the demo scenes.

A simple setup using three meshes as input (bottom left).


Some hair growth using a simple cylinder as input and a goal to control the direction.


A more elaborate setup that creates a flower with roots.



Installing the addon:

  1. Open the "Plugin Manager". It is located under "File -> Plugin Manager":

  2. To install the plugin into the user directory simply right-click onto the folder "User Root" and choose "Install .xsiaddon...":

  3. A browser dialogue will be displayed: go to where you copied the .xsiaddon file, select it and click on "OK". The addon is then automatically installed.

  4. Close Softimage. The plugin is now fully installed and ready to be used. For more information concerning addons and how to install / uninstall them please check the chapter "Working with Addons" in the Softimage documentation.

Basic Setups, Tutorials.

This plugin comes without any documentation.
Please have a look at the video tutorials on how to use emTree in Softimage.
You can find the video tutorials here.