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  • starting at 00:00 > "Revised collision/interaction between ellipsoids".
  • starting at 03:28 > "The new "Custom Scalar ICE Data" mode of the "Initialize Evolution" compound.

PS: Sorry about the poor sound, my workstation is somehow broken and I had to use my laptop for this tutorial.


  • starting at 00:00 > "Quick look into the 'Evolution' release video scene".
  • starting at 01:32 > "How to use 'Evolution' in an emFly setup".

Dynamic Particle Count

  • The new stuff in version 2.1.
  • The new compound "Dynamic Particle Count".

PS: in the video is a little Freudian slip:
instead of saying "..EVEN distribution.." I say "..EVIL distribution.." ...it's been a long day.

Fistful of Tips and Tricks

  • time 00:00 to 03:41 -- Randomizing the positions for the paths.
  • time 03:41 to 05:08 -- Using an exclusion volume for the paths.
  • time 05:08 to 07:56 -- Using the "Reset SiScCol" compound.
  • time 07:56 to 13:43 -- Using data with the "Get Point Data" compound.
  • time 13:43 to 18:27 -- Using landing and take off... without flying.

Even Distribution of Particles on a Surface

  • the two new compounds that can be used to create an even distribution of particles on a surface.
  • what those new compounds do.
  • how to use them with emFly.

PS: should those new compounds not appear in the ICE Tree then you probably have an older emFlock2 version installed. Simply download and install the newest version from my web site.

Advanced Flying

  • How to set up flying paths.
  • How to use available data to define the end orientations and colors for the flying.
  • How to use the particle state IDs along with the factory state compounds to switch from one flying setup to the next.
  • How to trigger flying / landing / take off.
  • How to use a volume to trigger take off.

=> the final result: a flock of particles that flies around and that takes the shape of a cached Lagoa point cloud, then the shape of a curve, then the shape of a polygon mesh.

PS: the final result of this tutorial is contained in the demo scenes (note: it requires the full version of emFlock2 as well as SI 2011 SAP (or above) to run properly).

Flocking and Flying

  • How to create a "flock and fly" setup.
  • Ultra quick look at the flocking compounds.
  • A quick look at a few of the new emFly compounds.
  • Creating "Fly" paths using nulls, curves and meshes.
  • Trigger flying, landing and take off.

Walk Through the New Features

  • A quick walk through the new features in emFlock2.

Even Distribution of Particles on a Surface

  • How to create an even distribution of particles on a geometry's surface.

Note: the first minutes are rather basic / boring, so you might jump to the last third of this tutorial to see the interesting part first).

Basic Predator

  • How to create a predator that scares a flock.

Basic Crowd Simulation

  • How to create a simple flock with a goal.
  • How to make the flock move on an uneven polygon surface.
  • How to add an obstacle.

Flocking Through Compounds

  • A walk through all of the compounds contained in the emFlock addon.
  • Interaction between emFlock and the factory ICE nodes.