Case9850 - Forcefield Look Dev

Forcefield Look Dev by Oscar González Diez (Visual Artist & VFX Supervisor, Vimeo)

Oscar about this 73 seconds long pixel orgy:

Earlier this year I was asked by TBA to do look development and find a visual treatment to represent vibrations, building forcefields and environments out of it. This is a compilation of the look dev tests and basically the raw fun that I had working on it.
I wanted to experiment and play with lines, symmetry, stroboscopic light and graphical DOF continuing some of the research I did a while back for the Lexus "Someday" project. Most of these tests where rendered using Eric Mootz's emRPC.
Music on the compilation is one of my latest tracks.

User voices

A Micropolar Material Model for Turbulent SPH Fluids
Density Maps
Density Maps for Improved SPH Boundary Handling
Smoooth. (The swim)
Beautiful spot with 'fluidy hair' for the company Klarna
TU Darmstadt - DFSPH
ACM SIGGRAPH / EUROGRAPHICS SCA paper on divergence-free SPH
ZipRecruiter - Right Resume
Ad featuring nice flocks of paper sheets
Playmobil - Pirates Trailer
VFX: fire, smoke, foam.
Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone - The Heat
Commercial Spot for the World Cup
The Cuckoo-Clock Heart
The official movie trailer of "Jack et la mécanique du cœur"
Plexus Production Opener
Art meets Logo Animation
Playmobil - Drachenherzen
VFX: fire, smoke, debris, etc.
Glasser Spon Case Study
Glasser's 2013 Concert Tour.
Project Kronos
Documentary short film set in the not too distant future.
Subaru - Birth of a Legacy
Commercial by INFECTED
Nissan Pathfinder 2013
Nissan - Wouldn't It Be Cool
MTV EMA 2011
Jules Vernes would be proud… or turn in his grave.
Follow Me
The fifth official music video of electro artist Krause.
Yu Jaeho emFluid4 Liquid
Test rendering of a demo scene using Arnold and SItoA.